About Us

Our company

We are roofing experts and our background proves it. Together, we have over 150 years of metal roofing experience. You can depend us to provide you with a quality roof that lasts.

Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec is affiliated with Ontario Shake N Tile, one of the biggest permanent roofing organizations in Canada.

We cover every region of the province, both rural and urban, with commitment to provide great quality of service.

Our experts can help you choose the best roofing option for your home and provide you with professional installation that is guaranted for life.

Our philosophy

At a time when most products don’t last, we have chosen to provide our customers quality and durability. While a large majority of companies are expecting to sell more than once to their customers, our objective is precisely the opposite. For us, a satisfied client is a customer that won’t need to contact us anymore, except to refer a friend.

Our roofs are engineered to offer you a great peace of mind: maintenance free, last decades and come with an exceptional non-prorated warranty covering product and labour.

Today, we are proud to offer the best metal roofing lifetime warranty in North America.

If a doubt subsists, feel free to discuss with our crews. They are unanimous on the quality of our roofs. Beware, their enthusiasm is contagious!


You need an estimate?

Our sales professionals will promptly meet with you, at the best time for you during the week or the week-end. They will be happy to answer your questions and thoroughly review your roofing situation. Then, they’ll prepare an offer for the best roofing solution for your property.


We’re building our business for the future, so you can count on us to meet your needs. We work every day to provide you the best service. After all, our best ambassador, is you!

A crew of roofing experts

Our installation crews are friendly and professional. Factory-trained, they work exclusively for our company and provide to our customers a top quality installation.

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