Testimonials on Kasselwood permanent roofing


“…competent, punctual and professional employees who are skilled in detailing.”

Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec knew how to work effectively to meet our expectations. The installation crew was composed of very competent, punctual and professional employees who are skilled in detailing which was very important for us as customers.


We now have a roof made of excellent quality material with a lifetime warranty. We would also like to add  that this new roof enhances the beauty of our house.


For the all reasons listed above, we strongly recommend Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec.



Chantal & Normand

Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

“… for those who are hesitating to make this investment, don’t be afraid because it really is worth it.”

My husband and I wanted to reroof our house. After we had seen the result at a friend’s house, we decided to ask a representative for more information. He came to our house and answered all of our questions and explained the product in detail. Feeling confident about this company, we signed the contract. A few weeks later, they installed our roof and the result is VERY SATISFYING and the roof looks GORGEOUS.


What was most important to us was the lifetime warranty. During the installation, we asked many questions without ever having the impression that we were disturbing anyone. The work was done properly and with great professionalism. For those who are hesitating to make this investment, don’t be afraid because it really is worth it.


Réal & Silvie


“… we strongly recommend you …”

We would like to thank you for the excellent work of your crew, very nice and conscientious guys; They did a great job, we are very happy with our new roof 🙂

We hope the neighbour’s’ questions (because they were a lot to come and see us) will be transformed in potential sales; In any case, we strongly recommend you ! 🙂

Daniel & Carmen


“… the finish is gorgeous…”

We are very satisfied with our new roof and confident about its durability and its longevity. The finish is gorgeous. Last December, the installation was done by a professional crew, despite the cold and the wind. Our house has definitely increased in value. Thank you.

Claude & Nicole


“… An investment that brings value to our home and makes it different than the others…”

Our roof showed premature signs of wear. Before replacing it, we analyzed different options available on the market.

Our criteria were the following: durability, beauty and reduction in snow accumulation, because in our area, this is not rare to have up to 4 feet of snow. We chose Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec with its Kasselwood product, available in different colors. That product offered a permanent roof and met our expectations.

Steve was our first contact with the company. He is a very nice guy and knows his job and his product very well. He answered all our questions clearly and with self-assurance.

We have been impressed by the rapidity and efficiency of the installation crew who did a great job. Obviously, it was not the first roof this crew did and the job has been completed in record time. After the job, the place has been cleaned as promised.

This is a crew and a  product that we recommend to all those who would like to have a permanent and beautiful roof. This investment brings value to our home and makes it different than the others.

Collette & Georges


“… the installation has been done by an outstanding team…”

Our roof was due to be redone. Last March, we decided to go at the Home Show in Place Bonaventure in Montreal to see and discover new trends and interesting products.

We saw several products from different companies when we found Kasselwood, a product which seemed to meet our expectations. Jonathan, the representative of Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec professionally answered to all our questions.

After a few days to think over it, we gave a mandate to the company. We don’t regret this adventure. The installation has been made by an outstanding team.

Any time and for any kind of issue, we can count on the company’s support and Jonathan’s support as well.

Finally, we are very satisfied with our roof and we recommend Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec for is excellent work.

André & Francine


“… the neighborhood’s reaction has been very positive, we constantly receive compliments on our new roof…”

When it was time for us to reroof, we came to the Home Show to find specialized roofing companies because our roof is complex. We met a few who offered conventional asphalt singles, but finally, our choice had been stopped on Les Toitures Suprêmes du Quebec.

The representative, Jonathan, explained well to us all the metal roof strengths. Then we chose that option. Of course we still have worries about the complexity of our roof.

The installation crew has been great and attentive. Each question I asked to the foreman, he took time to answer answer me well. We never have felt that we bothered him.

The neighborhood’s reaction has been very positive. We constantly receive compliments on our new roof, and people even stop by to take pictures!!

Thank you TOITURES SUPREMES and many thanks to your installation crew, you were fantastic!

Daniel & Johanne


“… we are very impressed with the process involved in getting the roof done… We thank you very much.”

I just wanted to send you this email on behalf of myself and my wife to say that we are very impressed with the process involved in getting our roof done. The materials were delivered in one day, and by the time we returned home from work the next day, the only evidence that anything had happened was the missing materials and the new roof on our house. It looks very nice and we are very happy and relieved to know that the roof is one thing we will never have to worry about again.

We would like to thank you very much.

Robert & Cindy


“…We wanted to experience a Quebec winter with our new roof … and we’ve been very happy with the performance of our new Kassel & Irons Steel Roofing System…”

I am writing to thank you and TSQ for the roof installation done on my home last October. I have waited until now to write this letter because I wanted to experience a Quebec winter with my new roof first. I am happy to say that we have been very happy with the performance of our new Kassel & Irons Steel Roof System.


We selected steel over aluminium due to the robustness of the product, and the Zinc protection offered by the steel roof. We were immediately impressed by the quality and finish of the Kassel & Irons product. The sacrificial oxidation of zinc, combined with its ability to self-heal small scratches and cuts make it an extremely viable roofing product.


The installation team was professional, neat, and happy to talk about any aspect of the job. They worked long hours and finished the job in good time, leaving no mess or damage behind. You could tell they took pride in their workmanship, and cared about the quality of the final product.


Thank you again, TSQ. I hope that our steel roof continues to serve us for MANY years in the future.




Saint-André d’Argenteuil

“… I’m delighted with my choice… I am fully satisfied!”

I was looking for a metal roof to replace my asphalt roof. A representative from Les Toitures Supreme du Quebec came to my home and gave me in-depth information about the company and the product. Jonathan introduced himself with courtesy and he patiently answered all my questions. He made me feel comfortable and confident about my choice, and I could tell that he was very knowledgeable and truly believed in the qualities of the Kasselwood roof. I didn’t feel pressured to sign the contract and that meant a lot to me.  I took my decision that day, which is unusual for me, and signed a contract feeling certain that I made the right choice. No deposit was asked from me, which further increased my confidence in the company.

A few days later, the materials were delivered and the installation was done. The crew was joyful and kindly answered all of my questions.


In the end, I am delighted with my choice. This company is trustworthy and the installation team is efficient. I maintain an amicable relationship with Jonathan, and I am very satisfied with the final result. My new maintenance-free roof enhances the beauty of my house and increases its value. I am a fully satisfied customer!


I would like to thank Jonathan as well as the installation crew who were very respectful of my back yard; they made sure to clean up after the job, and none of my plants were damaged because of the work. Congratulations!




“…The installation crew did a great job…”

We noticed last year that our ten year old roof was quite deteriorated. Even though the BP Company gave us a 20-year warranty, it was obvious that we were due to re-roof soon.

I was lucky to see an advertisement in the newspaper for Les Toitures Supremes du Quebec. I decided to phone the company and schedule an appointment even though I was afraid that it would be too expensive. I took a chance because I always loved the look of metal.

When Steve, representative for TSQ, visited us, we soon realized that it was exactly what we were looking for – peace of mind, long-term savings and environmentally friendly.


Despite the fact that it was only 5°C out and that it was raining, the installation crew did a great job! It only took them a few hours to complete the job and they made sure to clean up afterwards. That’s what we call professionals!! We are very happy with the final result.


It was very hot out at the end of May, and we noticed at that time that it was easier for us to keep our house cool inside. Our home increased in value and our roof looks fantastic! It looks like cedar but will last a lifetime. Thank you to the whole team!!


The Doucet-Bujold family

“… it gives us peace of mind…”

Following an advertisement from our regional newspaper in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, we called Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec to find out about their product.


We met five companies specializing in asphalt shingles prior to meeting Steve from TSQ. We definitely appreciated his professionalism, and we were impressed with his knowledge of the product. During our 3 hour meeting, he answered all of our questions and gave us precise explanations in order for us to understand all the advantages of the Kasselwood roof.


We would like to highlight the professionalism of the installers as well, as they did impeccable work. They kept us informed during the installation, and made sure we were completely satisfied. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to buy this quality roof at such a good price. It enhances the beauty of our home and gives us peace of mind, which is probably the best part of it all. We have no doubt that this company will grow in Quebec. With staff and crews like that, the company will surely succeed!


Thank you TSQ!


Dominique & Diane


“…a crew with a high level of proficiency…”

To Les Toitures Suprêmes du Québec Inc., we wanted to let you know all our satisfaction for the job you did on our house.

Claude’s crew you assigned us demonstrated a high level of proficiency, courtesy and cleanliness. Thank you TSQ.



Elaine & Yvan


“…our new Kasselwood roof installed by TSQ is amazing!…”

Our new Kasselwood roof installed by Toitures Suprêmes du Québec is amazing! Throughout the whole summer and fall, many tens of people have shared their comments with us.

The house looks younger, it is now better insulated. The installation was clean and was done quickly and professionally. The material is luxurious while being more affordable than competitors.

We highly recommend the product. The investment is really worth it. With Kasselwood, we are getting closer to reaching our ambition to not depend on oil byproducts! And on top of this, there was hardly any waste following the installation! Thank you and well done!”


Marie & David

Gatineau, QC


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